Leadflow: Revolutionizing Real Estate Lead Generation


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Are you a real estate professional looking for an efficient and effective way to generate high-quality leads? Look no further than Leadflow, the AI-powered lead generation software that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the features, benefits, and pricing of Leadflow, and explore how it can transform your lead generation strategies.

Introduction to Leadflow

In today’s digital landscape, traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to generate high-quality leads. Real estate professionals need innovative tools that can leverage data and technology to identify the most promising prospects. Leadflow is an AI-based lead generation software that is designed specifically for real estate agents, landlords, investors, and brokers. Its primary goal is to help these professionals identify properties that have a higher likelihood of being sold.

Leadflow goes beyond lead generation; it offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and resources to facilitate effective interactions between real estate professionals and potential sellers, buyers, and private lenders. By utilizing these features, users can streamline their marketing efforts, enhance client engagement, and ultimately improve their chances of closing successful deals.

How Leadflow Works

Leadflow operates on a three-step process to deliver high-quality leads:

Data Collection

The first step in the Leadflow process is data collection. The software gathers extensive data on potential leads, providing users with a comprehensive overview that informs their marketing strategies. This data includes information on sellers, buyers, and private lenders, allowing users to make informed decisions when shaping their marketing strategies.


Once the data has been collected, Leadflow leverages artificial intelligence to refine the data and filter out irrelevant leads. The AI algorithms analyze the data, eliminating leads that are not likely to respond to targeted marketing efforts. This results in a pool of high-quality, motivated leads that are more likely to convert into profitable deals.


After the leads have been identified and filtered, the next step is to reach out to them. Leadflow provides users with a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including direct mail, skip tracing, and SMS campaigns, to launch targeted marketing efforts. These tools enhance the probability of converting leads into profitable deals, as users can ensure that the right message reaches the right leads at the perfect time.

Benefits of Leadflow

Choosing Leadflow offers numerous benefits for real estate professionals:

High-Quality Leads

Leadflow provides access to extensive data and advanced filtering capabilities, allowing users to identify and target high-quality leads. By focusing on leads with the highest potential, real estate professionals can streamline their lead generation process and save time and effort on irrelevant leads.

Efficient Marketing

Leadflow’s comprehensive suite of marketing tools enables real estate professionals to launch targeted marketing campaigns with ease. Whether it’s direct mail, skip tracing, or SMS campaigns, Leadflow provides the necessary tools to reach out to leads effectively and improve conversion rates.

Informed Decision Making

With Leadflow’s data collection and analysis capabilities, real estate professionals can make informed decisions when shaping their marketing strategies. By having access to comprehensive data on potential leads, users can tailor their marketing efforts to target specific demographics and preferences.

User-Friendly Interface

Leadflow is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for real estate professionals to navigate and utilize its features. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the industry, Leadflow’s intuitive design ensures that you can quickly learn and use the software to its full potential.

Time Savings

By automating the lead generation and marketing process, Leadflow saves real estate professionals valuable time and effort. With the software handling data collection, filtering, and marketing, users can focus on other aspects of their business and maximize their productivity.

Leadflow Pricing

Leadflow offers two main pricing plans, both of which come with a seven-day free trial. Opting for an annual subscription can lead to significant savings.

Monthly Pricing

  1. Leadflow Market – $49 per month: This plan provides access to Leadflow’s powerful data and marketing tools, including nationwide off-market property search, multiple lead types, and access to the marketing library.
  2. Leadflow Market+ – $99 per month: This plan extends the features of the base plan and offers additional benefits such as more lead types, a comping engine, dynamic list stacking, and parcel mapping.

Annual Pricing

While the exact pricing for the annual plans is not specified, Leadflow states that users can save up to $200 with an annual subscription. This implies significant savings compared to the monthly subscriptions.

Who Can Benefit from Leadflow

Leadflow is ideally suited for a range of real estate professionals, including:

  • Real Estate Investors: Investors looking to streamline their lead generation process and focus on the most promising opportunities will find great value in Leadflow’s AI-driven data filtering system.
  • Real Estate Agents: Agents can use Leadflow to identify potential buyers and sellers, refine their marketing strategies, and improve their chances of closing deals.
  • Marketing Professionals: Leadflow’s robust marketing tools and strategic targeting capabilities can significantly enhance the effectiveness of real estate marketing campaigns.

Leadflow Features in Detail

Leadflow offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of real estate professionals. Let’s dive deeper into some of its key features:

Leadpipes: Unlocking High-Quality Leads

Leadflow’s Leadpipes is a powerful search engine that provides access to up to 20 lead types and various data combinations. This tool allows users to target specific market segments effectively by providing access to diverse data categories such as tax assessor data, deed and mortgage data, and legal records. By combining different data points, users can create customized lead lists that match their specific criteria and refine the lead generation process.

AI-Based Sellability Scores

Leadflow’s AI algorithm assigns sellability scores to each property, providing valuable insights into properties with the highest propensity to sell within the next 90 days. These scores, categorized as Retail, Rental, and Wholesale, help users target specific market segments effectively and focus their efforts on the most promising leads.

Dynamic List Stacking Tool

Leadflow’s list stacking tool allows users to layer multiple lead types, creating customized “super lists” that align with their lead marketing goals. By combining different lead types, users can generate highly targeted lists tailored to their desired demographics. This enables precise marketing campaigns that address the unique needs and motivations of specific leads.

Powerful Search Tool

Leadflow provides nationwide access to a vast database of real estate properties, allowing users to narrow their investment focus to specific areas, streets, or even individual properties. This targeted approach ensures that users have access to the most relevant information for their business strategies, enhancing their decision-making process.

Lead Nurturing/Management Tools

Leadflow offers a range of lead nurturing and lead management tools to help real estate professionals cultivate and maintain engagement with potential clients. These tools include a direct mail engine, skip tracing, SMS marketing, and a marketing library. By utilizing these tools, users can stay top-of-mind with leads, build trust, and guide them through the decision-making process.

Innovative Comping Tool

Leadflow’s comping tool allows users to find accurate comparables for real estate investments. With over 20 dynamic filters, users can identify properties with similar characteristics and make more accurate assessments. This tool saves time and effort in the research process, providing users with comprehensive data to make informed decisions.

Leadflow vs Competitors

While Leadflow is a powerful lead generation software, it’s important to consider how it stacks up against its competitors. Here’s a comparison of Leadflow with a few notable competitors in the real estate software market:


Batch Leads

Batch Leads and Leadflow are two competitive real estate lead generation platforms offering similar features and functionalities. While both platforms offer robust features, Leadflow’s additional functionalities in search, AI-based scoring, and list stacking give it an edge in providing more advanced and tailored lead generation capabilities.


PropStream provides extensive property data and analytics, focusing on data analysis and property research. Leadflow, on the other hand, excels in lead generation capabilities and targeted marketing tools. While both platforms have their strengths, Leadflow’s specialized features make it a standout choice for real estate professionals looking to enhance their lead generation strategies.



Realeflow is a comprehensive real estate investing software that offers a broader range of features beyond lead generation. While both Leadflow and Realeflow offer lead generation capabilities, Leadflow specifically targets lead generation and prospecting needs with its specialized features. Realeflow, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive suite of tools for real estate investors. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.



Leadflow and kvCORE are both powerful platforms with distinct features catering to the needs of real estate professionals. Leadflow excels in lead generation, data insights, and marketing tools, while kvCORE focuses on lead management, automation, and CRM capabilities. Both platforms have their strengths, and the choice between the two depends on what the user needs.


User Experience and Support

Leadflow is designed with a seamless and intuitive user experience in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for real estate professionals to navigate and utilize its features. The software provides comprehensive guides and tutorials to help users get started and make the most of its capabilities. Leadflow also offers active customer support to assist users with any technical issues or queries they may have. Regular updates ensure that users always have access to the latest features and data.

The Verdict: Leadflow for Real Estate Lead Generation

In conclusion, Leadflow is a game-changer in the world of real estate lead generation. With its AI-powered data analysis, targeted marketing tools, and user-friendly interface, Leadflow offers unmatched value to real estate professionals. The software streamlines the lead generation process, saves time and effort, and provides high-quality leads for more successful deals. While there may be competitors in the market, Leadflow’s specialized features and comprehensive offering make it a standout choice for real estate professionals looking to enhance their lead generation strategies.

Ready to take your real estate lead generation to the next level? Discover the power of Leadflow today!