Brain Training for Dogs Review: Unlocking Your Furry Friend’s Potential


Brain Training for Dogs



Are you struggling with your furry friend’s behavior problems? Do you want to teach them new tricks? If so, you might want to consider brain training for dogs. This self-paced online course developed by Adrienne Farricelli, an experienced canine behaviorist and trainer, teaches you how to train your dog from the comfort of your own home.

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a comprehensive online course that aims to help dog owners train their pets through positive reinforcement techniques. The course comes with two eBooks, 21 quick activities presented as videos, and more than 100 articles authored by Adrienne Farricelli.

The program is designed to gradually progress through the course in the main eBook, finishing each stage with your dog. You can choose which exercises to add once your dog has mastered the foundational exercises. The book can be read all the way through if you want to learn more challenging dog training “games.”

Who is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified canine behaviorist and trainer with credentials from the American Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. She advocates force-free training as a philosophy and emphasizes positive reinforcement training in her course and videos.

How Does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

Brain Training for Dogs uses a force-free approach to training based on positive reinforcement techniques that work. This program teaches your dog to become a problem solver and they will actively want to take part in every part of their training. By using positive reinforcement instead of fear, your dog’s learning process is accelerated.

The course is designed using a series of puzzles and games for your dog to figure out. The program is progressive, and because of this, your dog will go through a learning curve, but it’s not a race, it develops your dog’s mental skills and agility.

What Will You Get in the Brain Training for Dogs Course?

The course’s primary material is the Brain Training for Dogs course. Each stage of training is broken down into manageable chunks so that you can complete it one level at a time. Activities in these parts are organized with bullet points, lists, and pictures to make them simple to understand and carry out at home.

The course consists of seven modules, each designed to train your dog’s mental and physical abilities. Module 1 is the foundation course, where your dog will discover how to use his incredible brain capacity, making him incredibly responsive to your every command. Module 2 focuses on advancing your dog’s abilities and having him use his senses to carry out your directions. Module 3 helps your dog practice patience and impulse control through a series of activities.

Module 4 focuses on improving your dog’s motor abilities and ability to focus on your commands. Module 5 trains your dog’s intelligence and patience at University. Module 6 is the advanced level, where your dog will acquire advanced motor skills and intellect. Finally, module 7 is the Genius level, where your dog will learn some mind-bending tricks and become a problem-solving genius.

What Are the Amazing Features of the Brain Training for Dogs Course?

Brain Training for Dogs is one of the most efficient and reliable dog training programs on the market. It uses modern dog training science and methods, and it solely employs gentle, force-free procedures. It contains unique knowledge from a licensed, experienced professional trainer. The course offers a member-only forum where users may talk about dogs and dog training, or just chat and meet others who share their interests. Additionally, it has a member’s area that is accessible online, so you can easily access all of the information while on the go.

Who Should Ideally Opt for the Brain Training for Dogs Course?

This course is ideal for dog owners who want to get involved in their dog’s training and who enjoy spending time with them playing games. It can be useful for dog owners who have puppies, untrained dogs, or unruly dogs, uncontrollably violent dogs and their owners.

What is the Price of the Brain Training for Dogs Course?

The Brain Training for Dogs course is priced at $47, which is a one-off fee. Inside you will get two eBooks, Brain Training for Dogs and Behavior Training for Dogs. You will also have access to 21 demonstration videos that will show you how to complete the exercises successfully. The company also offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results that the course promised you.

Brain Training for Dogs Reviews

Brain Training for Dogs has received rave reviews from satisfied customers. Many dog owners have found that the course has helped them to train their dogs in a fun and effective way. They have reported that their dogs have become more responsive, better behaved, and more confident.


In conclusion, Brain Training for Dogs is an amazing online program that can help you unlock your furry friend’s potential. The course is comprehensive and easy to follow, and it uses a force-free approach to training based on positive reinforcement techniques that work. If you want to train your dog in a fun and effective way, Brain Training for Dogs is the perfect course for you.